Keep your hope up 

Hope is a tricky, tricky thing. 

I think we sometimes take it for granted – I know I do. It’s easy when things are running smoothly. 

But some days, it takes work to keep hope alive. I’ve met more doctors and nurses this summer than ever in my life (genuinely, thank the Lord for the NHS!) and they often remind me to “keep my fluids up”. Really, I think we should encourage each other to “keep our fluids AND OUR HOPE up”. 

Some days, I feel like I have to work much harder than I’d like to keep my hope up. 

But at whatever height our eyes find themselves – whether it’s just above water or flying sky-high – that further shore is still there. Maybe some days we just have to squint a little harder. 

Keep your hope up. (And also, get yourself a basil plant. It’s lovely.)

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