Cycle of Hope

Today I head to Rwanda. Wow, did I just type that?

A group of 15 cyclists from around the UK – 11 from NI – are embarking on a Cycle of Hope…a gruelling 180 mile trek across the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’ in a bid to raise funds for Tearfund’s work, helping those in greatest need. 

“Rwanda is dead” is what was said of the country in 1994, after the genocide that saw over one million people killed in just 100 days as a result of inter-tribal conflict. 

Rwanda is not dead. It bears scars, and people still suffer – hunger, changing weather patterns, broken relationships, lack of opportunity: they are still there. 

But Rwanda is beautiful. It is growing. It is changing. It is held as a model of peace and reconciliation. The stories we hear from Tearfund’s partners are breath-taking. Families who once were at war now living side by side. Clean water and sanitation. Women working forwards common goals with members of other tribes in self-helf groups. Children going to school, dreaming big dreams. Food on the table. Agency. Togetherness. Hope. 

We want more of that for Rwanda. The dream? To help more people move from a cycle of despair to a cycle of hope. So, we’re aiming to raise £40,000+ while we’re on the Cycle. And we’re already halfway there!

Could you be a part of the Cycle of Hope? My Justgiving page is here. Please give what you can – it’ll make all the difference in the world. 

And follow along with our progress – follow the #CycleofHope tag on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram

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