Bringing Hygge into your home…

The time has come: as we wave goodbye to long, warm days and the freckles on our faces in exchange for earlier sunsets and our beloved chunky knits, I fall in love – all over again – with this beautiful season called Autumn.


Maybe it’s because I met and married my love as the farmers gathered their harvest, or maybe it’s because I really do love Pumpkin Spice Lattes…whatever the reason, I embrace the arrival of autumn with the same excitement I felt when picking out new stationery at the beginning of each September when I was a schoolgirl.


And something I’ve been learning to embrace in this season is the idea of hygge. A Danish concept designed to help the Danes get through their long, cold winters, it has begun to travel around the world with ‘cosy enthusiasts’ like me latching on with glee. Sometimes known as a weapon used to fight the darkness, hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) broadly means cosyness – or a warm atmosphere in which to enjoy the good things of life.


On board? Me too!


Thankfully, the Danes don’t mind the rest of us savouring it along with them, so I’ve put together my top four tips on how to bring hygge into your home and shared them over on Smashed Avocado. Enjoy!


All photos by Ben from Angel & Anchor.

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