A morning with Bluebird

When I was younger, my friend Noemie used to come to my house everyday at 7.25AM (with the absolute precision that only Swiss people are capable of) so that we could walk to school together. We were hardcore school buddies, choosing to sit next to each other whenever we got the chance and dilly-dallying our way home through the forest and by the stream, no doubt pondering the meaning of life as every 9 year old should. Noemie’s mum worked in a fabric shop and was an avid seamstress so when we both took a liking to sewing at school, she helped us hone our skills at home, too. We made skirts, pinafores, cushions…and a giant colourful parrot.

I’d forgotten just how fun sewing could be until my lovely friend Alex suggested I come along to one of her sewing classes. She started Bluebird Fabrics a few years ago, and has recently started hosting classes for people of any level to learn some new skills and, at the end of every class, go home with something to be proud of.

With great apprehension I went along yesterday morning – I could hardly remember how to thread a needle, and what on earth was back-stitching again!?

I needn’t have worried. Alex is a patient, clear and fun teacher who met each of her four students where we were at – some had never touched a sewing machine, others were looking to further their skills.

The project of the day was a tote bag. We each picked the fabrics we liked the most from Alex’s delectable range of patterns and colours, and, guided by our great leader, got to work.

It was a step-by-step process, each working on our own Elna sewing machine. We learned to pin, cut, thread, wind, go forward, go back, press down on the pedal – at first, with little more oomph than a baby snail’s punch – and hand-stitch.

Alex’s husband, Adam, kept us well-fuelled with top-ups and delicious scones.

Alex’s sewing class was the perfect way to spend a Saturday morning – new skills, great chat, and a tote bag to boot!

I’d SO recommend going along to one of Alex’s sewing classes. Here are some upcoming dates…

23 April, 9-1 (Belfast): tote bag class. £25 per person.

30 April 9-1 (Belfast): patchwork class. £25 per person.

5th May in the evening (Belfast): patchwork class. £25 per person.

You can find Alex on Facebook to find out more about classes. And check out her gorgeous photos of fabrics, new projects & her super-cute baby bump on Instagram!

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