Educating Rita at the Lyric, Belfast


It’s not unusual to come away from The Lyric Belfast with a smile on your face. But Educating Rita is an impressive blend of gorgeous staging, compelling story and energetic acting that you would be crazy to miss.

Hilariously charming duo Kerri Quinn and Michael James Ford depict the story of Rita and Frank. Rita, a Belfast hair-dresser hoping to be enlightened through the Open University meets Frank, her tutor – a rather cynical, frustrated man. The audience is invited to journey through Kerri’s self-discovery and Frank’s grief at the loss of his pliable protegee, who becomes his peer, and more than that.


A story of friendship, hope, sadness, togetherness and isolation, Educating Rita will have you in stitches while tugging at your heartstrings. Enjoy the beautiful storytelling, impeccable production (those 80s outfits…oh my goodness!) and polished yet endearing performances from Quinn and Ford. Whether you’re more concerned about the goss from Shaw’s Bride or an anthology of George Bernard Shaw’s works, you’ll be reminded that really, there’s more to us all than that.

Book your tickets here.


We were kindly invited to this performance as guests but all opinions are mine.

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