On the longest night of the year

On the longest night of the year
for a friend

As you hold your vigil in the wee hours, as you mourn the loss of day, let the tears roll down your cheeks. See them, acknowledge them, set them free.

They may become the fertile soil the poets once praised, or they may simply soak your sleeves. Let them be.

Taste the bitterness of the dark; feel the bite of the cold as your vision grows weak and the night rolls on.

May memories of day not harm you but be to your soul like remnant heat from the sun on your skin, on better days.

May the stillness of the night still your soul;
may its depth be not unknown as embers deep inside you fan into flame.

As you place each foot in front of the other – may your taste, touch and hearing be strengthened without the seeing and may new treasures be discovered.

As you keep watch in the deep darkness, may you come to know the promise of light that cannot be vanquished.

May those who have walked ahead teach you their gold; may you meet others who will carry your torch a while and may you in turn show others that the night can be endured.

May you not grow numb, feel alone or be without rest; and may your eyes meet the dawn with the strength you will need to face what day will bring.

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