DIY Christmas: Hot Chocolate Spoons

Monday 21st December…here we are! Hope you had a great weekend filled with Christmas cheer (and maybe some fudge making?!) Thank you for your welcome of my Advent piece about when Christmas is hard. I’ve been stunned at the honesty and courage in your response.

I’m back with the last of my DIY Christmas tutorials, just four days before Christmas! Hopefully you’re able to take some time this week to slow down, chill out and take stock.

Hot chocolate always makes me feel relaxed which is why I’ve been so excited to share this very quick recipe for hot chocolate spoons. Enjoy one with your feet up and Christmas tunes one, or pop them in your loved ones’ stockings – with just a swirl in some hot milk, they make a delicious treat!

You could make so many variations of these. I’ve decided to go for peppermint hot chocolate swirls but you really could add whatever took your fancy: orange peel, hundreds & thousands, or different kinds of chocolate would be great.

You will need:

200g Fairtrade milk chocolate

100g Fairtrade dark chocolate

50g Fairtrade white chocolate

3 candy canes (crushed)

12 lollipop sticks

An ice cube tray


Melt the milk and dark chocolate together and add the crushed candy cane pieces.


Spoon the mixture into an ice cube tray.


Insert your lollipop sticks (you may need to hold them in place for a few seconds – just as I snapped his picture, one of mine fell over…#bloggerlife!)


Once the chocolate swirls have dried, lay them out and drizzle white chocolate over them (both sides!)


Sprinkle the rest of your crushed candy cane on top.


And write an informative/sweet/hilarious message on the lollipop stick!


Then, get packaging! These are super cute stocking fillers and can be used up to a couple of weeks after being made.

There you have it – my fifth and final DIY Christmas post this year. I’ve so loved hearing how you’ve got on as you’ve tried my ideas out…hope they cause some smiles on Christmas Day! You can catch up them all here: Sugar Scrub, Christmas Cards, Honeycomb & Fudge.

I’m back tomorrow with a final post before Christmas. And hey! Did you know you can stay in touch with me via Facebook, too? Come say hi!

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