Faces of India & a chance to help

Dan and I were hugely honoured to be able to visit an area of Tamil Nadu in India this summer. It was a dream come true.

I am still processing all that we saw and heard (and tasted!) on our trip. We were there to film and photograph the many projects run by a local charity out there called JMHA, who are supported by a London-based organisation called Love India.

We made several visits each day – from schools and orphanages to hospital and medical training centres, leprosy colonies and tailoring centres, community hubs and churches. You can read my ‘Hands of India’ piece here…and while you’re at it, here were my first impressions of India as jotted down in my phone!

As cliche as it sounds, the people we met stole our hearts. And I wanted to introduce you to some of them.


I bought some jewelry from a local crafter with the intent of raising some funds for the charity in Tamil Nadu.

The earrings make a perfect Christmas gift and are each unique which I love. They are £15 per pair (including postage) – and 100% proceeds go to the vital work of JMHA among Tamil Nadu’s most vulnerable.

To purchase, leave me a comment on Instagram specifying which pair you would like to buy (round/square + colour) or visit my Facebook page and comment there. You can also just email me at gemmarwilson@gmail.com.

I’ll invoice you and get the earrings sent out within one working day. They’ll be snapped up quickly, so be sure to get in touch if you’d like to buy!

PS: catch up with my other posts about our trip here.




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