DIY CHRISTMAS: a merry little Christmas card

Happy Tuesday to you! How did you get on with your DIY Sugar Scrub?! I’d love to know! Today, as part of my DIY Christmas series, I’m showing you how to hand-letter/paint my favourite card from our Brown Paper Packages Christmas collection (which sold out at the weekend, hooray!).


You will need:

Plain card (square is preferable)

A pencil, a black pen & a thin paint brush

Watercolour paint

First, draw a circle on your card – the size is up to you (just grab whatever is handy…I tend to use my M&S recycled pen holder!)


Second, get your fancy on! I have several fonts that I use for Brown Paper Packages, and the key with lettering is simplyto have fun! I think this one is best-suited to this style of card. Top lettering hack: thicken the lines that go down. Your font will instantly look classy and put-together.


Next, do a little drawing! Now, this is not my forte. My top tip is to doodle as much as you can to come up with designs that work for you (I basically started this in primary school!) This is a wee holly doodle I’ve been using this Christmas.


Then, get your black pen back out and embolden your circular frame.

And finally, add some colour to your design! I went for the traditional red and green here, but you could really use whatever – why not have an orange and blue Christmas this year?!


imageSo there you have it. Super simple. You could mass-produce these and have your Christmas cards sorted in an afternoon! Don’t forget to let me know how you get on.

BIG thanks to my wonderfully talented husband Dan who took the photos for this post. And tune in next Tuesday for my last DIY Christmas tutorial…it involves chocolate, so you don’t want to miss it! Remember to have a nosy at my DIY Sugar Scrub recipe from last week and if you’re looking for a personalised hand-lettered gift in the meantime, give me a shout. You can also get more lettering inspiration on our Brown Paper Packages Instagram page.

Ribbon, peanuts and glitter: I did some reminiscing over the weekend about Christmas as a wee girl growing up in Geneva, featuring a woman whose hair caught fire during a Carols by Candlelight service. Check out my latest post here.

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