Happy DIY Christmas: Sugar Body Scrub

Happy 1st of December! Oh my goodness. I can’t believe it’s here already and I’m super excited to be kicking it off with the first part of a trilogy of DIY Christmas Crafts!

I find that creating is something I just kind of have to do: whether it’s creating a nutritious meal or solution to a problem at work, or making things to make our home look cosy – or to give others! I think there’s something quite profound about creating (I guess that’s why I’m ALREADY excited about the 2016 posts in my Creator Quarter series?!).

I got some of my crafty friends together for an afternoon of making recently. We all have different skills, so we each brought a craft to share with everyone else – skill-sharing on a Saturday, if you will!


We had lots of fun crafts around the table and each learned some new things. Alex had her sewing machine out making oh-so-genius hand warmers from her beautiful Christmas fabrics and, would you believe it, rice…


…and Kiki got creative with marshmallows and candy canes to create tasty snacks in the shapes of reindeer, snowmen and hearts. How cute?!


We also made some other crafts which I will share with you here over the next three weeks.


First up, an AMAZING homemade honey & oats body scrub. This is so easy to make and, only because of my blogger duty of care, I’ve tried and tested it – it makes your skin feel lush while smelling delicious! You will need:

1/2 cup of oats

1/4 cup of baby oil

1 & 1/4 cup of sugar

1/4 cup of honey

Combine all ingredients into a large bowl and give them a good mix with a wooden spoon. Ta-daaa! Ah I can already smell the yumminess. You’re gonna love it.


Spoon the scrub into little jars, pots, whatever you have handy. I’ve decorated mine with twine and washi tape – but you can really just go crazy at this stage! These are perfect for stocking fillers (or just a wee treat for yourself!)

And fun fact – sugar is a GREAT exfoliant, while oats, honey and baby oil help your skin retain moisture. No need for any crazy chemicals!


Now of course, you could make LOTS of different kinds of scrubs with natural oils and store cupboard ingredients…let me know what you come up with and feel free to share this post – let’s start a DIY Christmas revolution!

Join me next Tuesday for a super-easy and super-fancy Christmas card tutorial. While you’re here, check out my last post!

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