Leper + Chip at The Lyric

imageOn a crisp autumnal evening three Octobers ago, I was on a date at the Lyric with my hot neighbour – with whom I’ve just celebrated my first wedding anniversary. Lesson: if you’re looking for a love story, it’s the place to be.

Tonight’s love story was a modern-day Romeo & Juliet tale brought to Belfast by Bitter Like A Lemon Theatre Collective. Dublin writer Lee Coffey, a young talent who was mingling with the audience as-relaxed-as-I-certainly-was-not that fateful night three years ago offers his intense, fast-paced and terribly clever script to Amilia Stewart and Connall Keating who bring it to life with their electric precision, heart-warming/heart-breaking chemistry and impeccable timing.

An edgy, stripped back and raw production, it will have you laughing at colloquialisms and astonishingly clever staging one minute and crying with the characters you’ve instantly warmed to the next.

Be warned – it’s intense and doesn’t shy away from big themes. It also involves a tiny lad being chain-locked in a fridge and a girl named Pringle.

Raw, electric, spell-binding. You’ll love it.

On at The Lyric from Tuesday 27th – Thursday 29th October.

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