What is your dream?

HAPPY WEDNESDAY NIGHT! With just a few days before the 63rd anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s “I have a dream” speech, I’ve been thinking a lot about dreams and the profound impact they make on us and on our world.

Actually, this month at No More Traffik we launched a campaign to celebrate dreams. It’s called My Dream Is, and it has involved videos, blog posts and snippets of people’s dreams for themselves, for their community, their society. It’s been incredibly inspiring and, at the risk of being blunt, I think everyone should spend time thinking about what our dreams are. Dreams give life to thoughts and plans, but they also give life to us.

So, to inspire you, here are my highlights of the campaign so far.

“I find a sense of purpose in revealing the significance of the everyday.Β I dream that I’ll never lose sight of that.”

Stu Bothwell

“My dream is to enable people to flourish and thrive.”

Tim Magowan

“My dream is a world where every girl and woman is celebrated, championed and able to fulfil her potential.”

Claire Rush

“My dream is no longer to be like others.”

Emma Wood

“My dream is to always have a dream.”

Paul Meneely

I’d love to know…what is your dream?

Share it in the comments below or join the campaign by sharing your dream on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and using the hashtag #MyDreamIs! Let’s celebrate dreams this week. We just might change the world.

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