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I’ve been keeping quiet about an incredible campaign we have JUST launched over at No More Traffik…introducing #traffikfreetravel!

Summer is finally here. For some it means jetting off to exotic places, for others it means a staycation, and for others…well, life just goes on (maybe with the odd BBQ thrown in!)

Whether you’re taking a long-haul flight to the other side of the world, popping over to England on a boat, or going on a 10-mile road trip this summer, we need you to help us make Northern Ireland traffik-free by spotting the signs as you travel.

Throughout the month of July, we’ll be informing you about the signs to look out for whether you are travelling on land, sea or air. We’ll also be sharing links to podcasts and resources and articles for you to share with your friends. And to top it all off, we’ll be giving you FREE STUFF just to say thanks for joining in!

Spotting the Signs
We all need to be alert as we travel. From Tuesday to Saturday of each week in July, we’ll share one sign a day that you can be looking out for. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to keep up with these signs.

If you spot these signs as you travel, or if someone just doesn’t feel right, contact law enforcement, border force or travel staff right away.

Blog posts
Look out for blog posts on nomoretraffik.com every Monday and Wednesday highlighting how trafficking across and within borders happens, and how you can play a part in stopping it.

The giveaways will be announced each week on Monday. To enter, simply share a photo from your travels – land, sea or air (top tip: it could just be a selfie on your commute to work!) using the hashtag #traffikfree travel on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Make sure you tag us so we see it and can enter you into the draw. Winners will be announced every Sunday!

We hope you enjoy the campaign. Imagine what it would look like if we all joined in, being aware of the people around us as we travel – helping potential victims of trafficking and sending a loud message to traffickers that they can’t operate here.

Let’s do it. #NoMoreTraffik

A HUGE well done to Ben from Angel & Anchor who designed this stunning and informative campaign; and to the NMT summer team who I know will do an amazing job at rolling it out!

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