CAPTURE NI || Holiday Playlist with Matt Weir

CaptureNI Holiday Playlist Matty Weir and I have been pals since I realised he used more hairspray than anyone else I knew. We met on tour: it was my first one. He kept me calm through sound-checks and I made sure he kept the right rhythm (BAHAHAHA) and we amused each other by making up silly puns and visiting funny tourist attractions.

Matty drums and produces for lots of different people in the US and the UK, and has toured lots of fun places. He’s now based in Belfast and is working on some very cool stuff. Also, TODAY OF ALL DAYS is his birthday! Happy 40th buddy.

I asked him to make me a Holiday Playlist from Northern Ireland’s finest and here’s what he came up with (this is a part of my Capture NI Holiday series – for more info, read this.) And click here to listen to it as Matty explains why he picked these tracks. Hit it MK!

New Portals || Standing Over Here

This track from New Portals (formerly The Jepettos) is the song for Summer 2015. It combines great production ideas with original melodies and a fresh palate of sounds. A total winner from this Belfast duo.

Rams Pocket Radio || Quarries

Rams have begun a campaign of releasing a series of singles of which this is the 2nd. As usual the bar is set extremely high. The songwriting, arrangement, musicality and soul in this music is infectious. Prepare to be hooked after one listen.

Jamie Neish || Sickness In The Sunshine

The drummer from More Than Conquerors, Jamie Neish and his self-titled solo project. I listened to this on repeat the first time I heard it. Really chilled, great vocal. Great stuff!

Travis Is A Tourist || Paper Weight

TIAT is definitely one to watch in 2015. He is releasing a new EP in June alongside an Irish tour. Keep an eye out for it and catch him when you can. His recorded material is fantastic. Live is a truly special experience.

David C Clements || Oh Child

Sit back, relax and enjoy this education in songwriting and musicality. Amazing music from one of the best songwriters in the country.

Loris || Yeah

This track was BBC introducing’s track of the week in February 2015, and for good reason. Extremely catchy, great instrumentation and fresh.  Its laid back in the verses and the chorus really hits hard. Great band.

Runaway GO || Ashes 

Dave Jackson and Fiona O’Kane make up Runaway GO. This is a big track by two extremely talented musicians. Wrap your ears around this, it is a TUNE!

Gareth Dunlop || Trick Of The Moonlight 

Trick of the Moonlight was featured on television show House. Gareth’s writing is making it into the world of film and television on a regular basis. Trick Of The Moonlight is one of many great releases from this artist.

Bap Kennedy || Moonlight Kiss

This track was featured on Miramax film’s Serendipity. Bap is a seasoned writer and artist having toured with some heavyweights over the years from Mark Knopfler to Steve Earle. This laid back song has Irish influence coupled with a laid back Americana sound.

Ken Haddock || The Day That Never Came Ken Haddocks songwriting is some of the best you will hear coming out of Belfast. There is a depth and soul to this that has come from years of experience in the world of music. His voice and delivery is like no other.

Enjoy – and let us know what you’re listening to over summer, too! Also I’m still loving my new look from Angel & Anchor: find out more here. See you back here on Wednesday to find out which local goodies feature in my suitcase and then on Friday for a Holiday Read feature!

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