NEW LOOK and Holiday Posts

Well HELLO THERE! It’s FRIDAY and it’s TIME TO CELEBRATE…not least because NEW BRANDING!

GRB Twitter Header My genius of a friend Ben has worked his magic and designed a beautiful logo for me (monochrome for the win, amirite?!) and some beautiful images for me to use across social media. If you didn’t notice it on your way in, take a look here! Ben is totally understated – he rocked up to the office this week with a baseball cap on his head, a bottle of Coke (and one for me – gracias amigo), sat down as cool as a cucumber and proceeded to totally rock our new No More Traffik campaign. He is also annoyingly good at too many things: he’s just added photography to the strings of his bow. If you’re looking for branding strategy, design work, visual art, photography, or sweet potato cubes, Ben’s your guy. Check out his website here.

To celebrate this new lease of life, I have a trio of posts for you, a la Capture NI Holiday Edition style.

As you know, I’m about to head off on a Big Adventure (more on that next week) and as I’ve been making lots of lists…the questions I’ll ask the people we’re visiting, the shots we need to get, the flights we’ll be on, the things I need to do before we go and the things I need to pack!

With that in mind, I’m going to be sharing with you what music I’ll be listening to in the form of a Capture NI Holiday Playlist compiled by my buddy Matt on Monday, a Holiday Packing List on Wednesday and an interview with the ever-so-brilliant Pete Waugh about his new book (long-haul flight read sorted!) on Friday. Phew! Here’s something to whet your appetite (yep, these beauties are Ben’s handiwork…AMAZING!)

GRB Playlist Rose GRB Packing List Rose GRB Pete Rose

See you back here on Monday pals. Have a great weekend!

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