Capture NI || Belfast’s Spring Market

Happy weekend, folks! Hope yours has been lovely. We aren’t taking tomorrow off but it’s still been a good’un, thanks mainly to the Spring Continental Market in Belfast. Hooray!

There is only ONE thing I love more than Belfast’s Christmas Continental Market…Belfast’s SPRING Continental Market! The mix of cultures and smells and flavours and tastes and families and couples and friends and fairly cheesy music is perfect. In fact, I’ve made two visits to the market this weekend (when it’s only here for three days, you’ve got to make the most of it). Here are some snaps from today’s excursion. image image

It’s hard to pick favourites, of course, but this year’s highlight for me was a delicious morrocan dish from a stall very aptly named Morroccan Paradise. It’s made me more determined to make it to Morrocco than ever before!image image

And it’s hard to say no to a wee chat with the Frenchies as they serve us piping hot churros with Nutella smeared all over them. So worth the messy fingers.image image

Another wonderful part of the Spring market is the flower garden. There’s a great range of flowers and plants which are such a feast for the eyes, and not too hard on the wallet. Win!image image

Have you been to the market this year? It’s open tomorrow (Monday), so seize the day, I say! My one regret is not trying these strawberry tarts…pick one up for me while you’re there, sure! image

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