These are a few of my favourite things…Eléni Skincare Review

We all have rituals and habits we hold dearly. Especially when things are busy, having routines and familiar patterns can be a life-saver…which is why Eléni Skincare has been a very welcome addition to my life this past week!


I’ve been enjoying an introduction to the collection of products created by Piet Meyer. Piet left a comfortable job in a large South African conglomerate to search for the answer to a skin condition he had. Through his journey, he learned about how natural ingredients can impact cellular well-being, and Eléni was born!

So every night, I’ve settled into a relaxing routine with my new bffs. The Facial Deep Cleanse is a welcome refresher and works great on removing even stubborn eye make-up. Then comes one of my favourites – the Reconstruction Serum. It’s light but luxurious and feels like silk on the skin. It includes Coconut Oil (used in several of Eléni’s products), Argan Oil and Vitamin E. Yum (not literally, obv!) Next up, two products for specific areas. The Eye Contour Smoothing Creme is AMAZING…it’s wonderfully creamy but doesn’t weigh the skin down, and even after just a week’s use, I’ve noticed a difference in how smooth the skin around my eyes is looking. I follow this up with the BlemishLess Cream which has worked wonders on the red areas around my nose and on a stubborn little spot that appeared at the start of the week (and is now totally gone…RESULT!) It was also a lovely surprise to smell the Clove Oil in the BlemishLess cream, which left me smelling like Christmas was 7 months early. And finally, something I used to be terrified of: moisturiser! I have changeable skin and always worried about upsetting the oil balance on my face with moisturisers. But Eléni’s Mild Stabilising Moisturiser is now one of my favourites – it’s hydrating and feels very rejuvenating, without leaving my skin feeling heavy or oily.


Several people mentioned how glowy my skin looked as the week went on. And I’ve loved having a 5-step routine to finish my day – however long or busy – with. I also really love the philosophy behind the company: that skin can be helped by natural ingredients at cellular level. It just makes sense…and, as I’ve found it…it works, too!

The packaging in this selection is super cute, and something I’d definitely bring with me on holiday.

You can find out more about Eléni here, and you can shop their collection here.

What are your skin essentials? Have you ever tried Eléni products? What will you be packing into your suitcase this summer? Let me know!

*These products were kindly sent to me to try out; all opinions expressed are my own.

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