Capture NI || Date night in Stranmillis

Welcome to my latest CaptureNI post! Dan and I spent a lovely date night in the Stranmillis area on Thursday. We had a delicious meal at Yum Restaurant and then saw The Shadow of a Gunman at the Lyric. Scroll down for some photos!


Yum is a bright and friendly restaurant that is very aptly named. Its menu includes a wide variety of dishes – a lot of asian fusion delights, as well as some other local NI favourites.


We sampled teriyaki noodles, thai green curry, lasagna and potato wedges. It was all VERY yummy indeed.

imageimage image   image

Our food was as delicious as it looks and the staff were as warm as the gorgeous evening light streaming through the windows which topped off a lovely meal out. I highly recommend you give it a try! Make the most of Yum’s pre-theatre menu – 2 courses for £10.95 before 6 or £11.95 after, or three for £13.95 before 6pm and £15.95 after 6. Yum also has a great A La Carte menu, Sunday roast specials, breakfast AND lunch menus – phew! Check out their website for more. Big thanks to Tommy for welcoming us so kindly.


We then dandered over to The Lyric. This is one of our absolute favourite spots and we were glad to have a little extra time to take in the view of the Lagan with some delicious Mullin’s ice cream.


We were so excited to be there for the opening night of Sean O’Casey’s The Shadow of a Gunman, produced by The Lyric Theatre and The Abbey Theatre. Now, this is one that I would feel terrible for spoiling for you, so I will be careful what I say and trust you to just go and see it for yourselves! I wasn’t familiar with the storyline and was gripped all the way through the performance.

But what I can say is that the production involves some impeccable acting from an impressive cast which makes me proud to be from this Emerald Isle. Stand-outs were Mark O’Halloran’s portrayal of Donal Davoren, which was almost ballet-like in its physicality and charm, and Amy McCallister’s utterly believable Minnie Powell. The warmth, humour and sentiment expressed by the whole cast were stunning.

It was also fantastic to see collaboration between North and South on producing a piece of theatre that is funny, tragic, and though-provoking in equal measure.


The Shadow of a Gunman runs at the Lyric until 6th June. You can book tickets here. And if you’re Dublin-based, book your tickets between June 16th and August 1st at the Abbey Theatre.


I would love to hear what you think of the show if you see it – and let me know what you order at Yum when you go! You can find me on Twitter and Instagram. Remember to use the hashtag #CaptureNI for all your NI adventures…let’s spread the word about what a great place it really is.

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