Whew! How is it mid-April ALREADY!? Hope you had a great Easter break. Ours consisted of lots of time by the sea, family gatherings, good food (first BBQ of the season!) and good old-fashioned chilling out. Oh, and we also started a business!

Spring is, I think, the most visually beautiful season. I love looking out for new buds, the longer evenings coming in, the sun making more regular appearances in the garden…it’s stunning. And I’ve felt so inspired by it recently that I decided to launch a new series on here called Capture NI. In every season, Northern Ireland is an interesting, beautiful, complex, exciting, rich place and I love exploring it. Maybe it’s something about not having grown up here, but I get so excited when there’s time at the weekend for a wee adventure – whether that be to a homegrown play, or to have a wee nosy around St George’s, or to explore somewhere new, I love it. So Capture NI will essentially be a log of these adventures: old places, new places, landscapes, details, businesses, etc.


I’d also love for you to use the hashtag #CaptureNI if you’re sharing a photo of an NI adventure on Instagram or tweeting about it on Twitter. And if you blog about it, tag it CaptureNI so the rest of us can see, too!

I’m trying to get more practise filming things because something VERY special is happening this summer…I’ll tell you more when the time gets closer…so, here’s my first CaptureNI entry, some shots from my observations of Spring in NI this year.

And then the final VERY exciting thing about this is that I’ll also be highlighting NI creators. I have so many talented friends who make such incredible things – and I want to introduce you to them. So, over the next wee while, look out for The Creator Quarter. Ben, Dani, Sarah, and Siobhan are already on the bill with some lovely interviews and visual treats. First one coming next Friday!

That’s it from me (for now)…looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Remember to #CaptureNI!

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