These are a few of my favourite things… St George’s Market

Ahhh St George’s. The sights, sounds, smells and flavours…home away from home. Whenever Dan and I are having a lazy weekend in the city, we love to feature the market on our Sunday itinerary. The forest green metal against the Belfast red bricks, the blue and pink bunting, the hustle and bustle of families, friends, couples, traders all having a nosy and enjoying what’s on offer. I LOVE IT.


When my housemates and I decided to only eat local produce a couple of years ago, St George’s was a life-saver as so much of what’s available is locally-grown, fresh produce. “The Cabbage Patch” has a wonderful selection of fruit and veg, and there is bread, meat, fish, and cakes (special mention to Life Is Sweet* who, because she’s so popular, often runs out before closing so keeps my order for me if I’m running late! This past Sunday, we enjoyed red velvet & Creme Egg cupcakes…oh my life) for you to browse to your heart’s content.




If you fancy something to eat on the spot, the growing selection of local and ethnic food is outstanding. Crepes, burritos, Belfast baps, curries, salads…you’ll find it all.

And then there are the craft stalls. Knitting, sewing, vintage nooks and crannies, original artwork, books, candles (HELLO to the Bearded Candlemakers* who, after a long-time Instagram love affair, I got to meet in real life on Sunday!), soap, jewellery…even iPhone covers.


I love that Belfast – and Northern Ireland – has so many great people producing great things. I’m a big believer in buying local as much as we can, and the fact that what IS local here is made so well, so creatively, and so passionately is a bonus.


Have you been to St. George’s? What’s your favourite stall? I’m always on the look out for new ones to visit!

*watch the video above for little snapshots of their wonderful products!

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