People usually give up things for Lent. My friend Sarah, on the other hand, decided to take on the challenge of blogging every day (just as she has returned to work after having the cutest little baby boy!) on different themes around faith. She invited me to guest post today on the topic of ‘charity’.

To be honest with you, the word “Charity” used to scare me. I associated it with having to give lots of money, or with projects I couldn’t get enough information on, or with volunteering my time doing something I wasn’t good at. 

And now, funnily enough, the charity world is my home. Broadly speaking, charity means helping those in need. It doesn’t take too much looking around to recognise the need in our world – whether it be on our doorstep or further afield. 

Charity is love in action. It is hands, it is feet and it is a face. It’s loving our neighbour. Loving and caring for real people. 

Charity is not scary or alienating. It doesn’t promise, however, to be easy. It takes courage. It takes sacrifice. It takes being uncomfortable. It takes love. Charity is love in action. We are greatly loved…so let us love.

Read the rest of my post here.

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