Ok so! Wedding DIY. We picked a beautiful venue (Riverdale Barn) that is like a pretty blank slate – and actually, if you added nothing to it, it would still be beautiful. The pond, trees (especially in Autumn!), two barns and fire pits speak for themselves. It was nice knowing that when we planned our ‘wedding look’ as it meant we didn’t have to spend months making things from scratch and instead focus on building a good foundation for marriage! We both love being creative though and fancied adding some little touches that would be meaningful to us or tie in with the rest of the visuals, so we embarked on some DIY adventures. Here are some of the things we did…


(Let’s just take a moment to appreciate our beautiful studded almost-Valentino heels and our poor feet/calf muscles that smiled through the pain on 25.10.14.)


Instead of a specific palette, we went for textures and one of them was gold glitter which was a feature in the bridal party look as well as the venue decoration. I even dipped wooden hearts in gold glitter to hang on the trees outside the church!


The table numbers followed suite – I ordered them from here, dipped them in craft glue and then plopped them into a big container of gold glitter! We propped them up by glue-gunning them to white spray-painted coasters from B&M. Low cost, very easy, HIGH mess…for weeks.



We had grandads, parents and friends collecting jars for months (remember, a wedding is a community project!) – I think we ended up with just over 80. These were lots of different shapes and sizes which I loved and we just decorated them with washi tape which I ordered from eBay. This matched the wedding colours, so gold glitter (again!), pink and white lace, and navy with white polka dots. Low cost, very easy, no mess.



This was one of my delegations – I asked my dad to collect some pallets and assemble a table for the table plan photo frames to go on. He and his neighbour went over to the venue the morning of the wedding and assembled it. It was then covered in hessian, the same as our table runners, and topped off with our table plan photo frames.



This was fun. I decided I wanted to use photo frames for our table plan. I hopped around charity shops collecting  differently-sized photo frames and decorated them in different ways – some were decoupage’d with gold and white crepe paper from eBay, some were dipped in gold glitter (again, again!), some were spray painted white (particularly fun) and some were already perfect for the overall look. I got a large sheet of blackboard paper from Living Social and used it on the inside of the frames, writing on them with a white chalk pen. Dan found a clever way to prop these up and off we went! We also used 6 larger frames for photos of our parents’ and grandparents’ weddings which we displayed in one of the barns in which guests had afternoon tea and coffee, which was a nice way to remember those who are no longer here and celebrate a long legacy of love. And we popped a wee painted frame on a table of home-made sweet treats to let guests know they were ethical as well as delicious! Low cost, quite a bit of work and mess but quite easy also.


All photos by the inimitable Emma Kenny. Last post in the Bride Blog series coming soon! In the meantime, catch up on other posts here.

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