What a year it has been! Thank you for joining me on here – whether you have discussed topics with me publicly, through private messaging or in person, or simply read posts now and then, I appreciate your companionship.

I took a blogging turn this year when I decided to be a little less strict about what I wrote about. This led me to posting a bit more about my day-to-day life, from crafting posts and thoughts on health to how I got on with my resolution to read more and travel snapshots and blogging in the lead-up to our wedding.

That was fun, and a couple of Bride Blog posts feature in my top 5 most read posts. You can have a nosy around the series here. One of the funnest parts was being able to interview some of our vendors, who turned out to be wonderful people to work and talk with.

Collaboration was a key word this year, as after Twitter and Facebook, most of my views came from other blog referrals. The blogosphere is a lovely world of sharing, listening and learning and I’ve loved being a part of it.

As expected, my most popular posts were arguably the most controversial. Hot-topic charity campaigns, languagebirth control, the porn industry, advertising, sexism. Also as expected, these weren’t always my favourite posts to write. As important as I believe a post is to write, my favourites to write tend to be the ones like this one. The ones in which I talk to myself, to you, about things we live, sometimes with great difficulty, but to which you or I can say “me too”. They are my favourites.

“Me too” are great words, and you can’t say them without knowing a little bit about the person in front of you. This was part of the motivation for writing a little bit more informally: I can write about my ideals and convictions but without knowing how I try to live them out and how that looks, my words can be pretty meaningless.

Letting the world in passed the letters I write has taught me a few lessons in being vulnerable. To be clear, vulnerability in online sharing does not mean sharing personal details or things that should be kept private – my life away from WordPress and Instagram & co is so much more precious and sacred and wonderful, and I keep a lot of it hidden. That’s how it should be! But vulnerability in being human and reflecting on that and letting you in on it is what I have done online this year. And as I’ve done that, it has spilled into the rest of my life. Not holding on too tightly to the control I exercise over how I am perceived, sitting in the grey, letting go of my need to have a clear goal for everything.

The strongest thread that runs through my life and my work and my blog is a desire to see human worth upheld: I am at my angriest when people are exploited or treated as less valuable than what they are – and my posts, I hope, reflect this thread.

In 2015, I hope to continue to learn and to share with you both the what and the how. I will keep you in the loop about how human trafficking is being stopped globally (and how you can join – please, please join). I will write about other ways in which human worth is being rubbed out. I’ve learnt this year that I have a responsibility to point to action, so where appropriate, I’ll try to write posts that galvanise. I’ll share with you about how I am personally working towards a better world – but I will continue to protect certain parts of my life and guard some secrets that are precious and sacred. Mostly I will design my words to pierce a little light in the darkness around us.

And the fact that you are here makes the light grow – so thank you for reading and sharing with me. Here’s to 2015!

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