Generosity and Greed

Today is #GIVINGTUESDAY – a celebration of generosity. I’d love for you to read something a little more work-related. As you know, I manage a charity called No More Traffik that aims to stop human trafficking in Northern Ireland and further afield.

When we think about why trafficking exists in the world, we often come back to the idea of greed. Greed for money, greed for power or control of others. Traffickers are motivated by greed. They traffik because there is $32 billion to be made annually by buying and selling people. They traffik the 29.8 million vulnerable people they can exercise power over. Greed.

So to stop human trafficking, we need to work out what the opposite of greed is.

We looked it up, and suggestions are openhandedness, selflessness, or generosity.

Generosity. Yes. An attitude of giving instead of getting, seeking the good of others with our time, our money, our space. That is the key to stopping trafficking. A culture of value that looks for the best for people, through people giving their best.

And so today, on Giving Tuesday, we’d like to ask you to be generous. No More Traffik is funded solely by your donations, and we wouldn’t be able to operate without you.

This year, we’ve seen an 170% increase in the number of victim recoveries because of heightened awareness and high-quality police action. We’ve trained PSNI officers, midwives, business people, ministers, community groups, and hundreds of other professionals. The 8 community groups we support have thrived in their local areas, strengthening networks and raising awareness of local issues. Human trafficking has been an increasingly talked-about issue as we have involved ourselves in the media and in mainstream cultural events. We’ve been a part of the Department of Justice’s NGO Engagement Group, working with our partner organisations and playing a key role in developing strategy for how we move forward.The GIFTBox has travelled across NI, educating members of the public and engaging them in conversation. We’ve produced resources for you to use when you talk about human trafficking in your sphere of influence.

We’ve only been able to do these things through your generosity. Thank you.

Help us add to this list. We want to keep growing. We want to see more change happen in NI, and further afield. And we need your generosity to be able to do this.

Whether you can give £30 today, or £5 each month, everything you give is wisely considered and spent with victims of trafficking at the fore.

Give through our website.

Thank you. Happy Giving Tuesday!

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