So…WE DID IT!!! Dan and I got married just over two weeks ago. The wedding was amazing and the tiny steps we’ve taken on our journey of marriage have been lots of fun.

I have a few more posts on the Bride Blog series to share with you. I won’t be sharing too much about the day itself or life as a newlywed – but will close the series with an interview with my incredible dressmaker, a wedding DIY post, a ‘last-minute tips’ post and, today, an ode to some of the wonderful people without whom our wedding wouldn’t have happened.

There is a huge temptation, when you are a bride especially, to do it all yourself. Maybe because you want creative control, or if you’re younger you feel you need to prove yourself as an almost married woman, or maybe you’re just not great at delegating. All of these things were true in varying measures for me. However, once I learned to let go and accept help, wedding planning became even better. A wedding, like a marriage they say, is a community project – you can welcome the support and insight of those around you: they will make your tapestry richer and brighter.

From in-laws and grandads collecting jars, to bridesmaids decorating them; from one dad collecting pallets to assemble to the other sketching out his ideas for it; from the hairdresser helping the mother of the bride into her dress to some of our close friends putting together beautiful musical arrangements; from former housemates collecting sound equipment and hanging glitter hearts in trees to friends making playlists and groomsmen brewing their own beer…the process and the day itself were SO enriched by our friends and family.

And it turns out some of my best wedding lead-up memories involve times when other people were helping us: my sister/maid-of-honour and I shared lots of giggles over things going slightly wrong, my mum and I got to sample lots of tasty treats as we coordinated schedules and worked on details, and my bridesmaids were always there when I needed them for something practical or just to stare at each other and go “is this really happening?!” So I’ll leave you with some of my favourite wedding prep photos and encourage you, if you are getting married, to let people in…you’ll love it.


My parents, their friend, and her brother-in-law (whom we had never met!) on his farm packing the car with lots of rustic barn goodies to decorate the venue with.


The jars – a symbol of our community project wedding.


My MOH and I trying on crazy ‘potential’ dresses.


Suit shopping!


A bridesmaid trying on her dress – carrying out the important swing check.

We also had the help of some incredible vendors – EVERYONE involved, without exception (I am told this is quite rare) was unbelievable. I’ll share a little bit more about them in other posts when I have evidence of their wonderful work. 🙂

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