HOME-MAKING ON A BUDGET: upcyling and charity shops

Hello blogosphere!

It’s been so fun talking with you about home-making, nesting, DIY-ing, etc… So fun, in fact, that I decided to put together a little post about home-making on a budget, because times might be tight but that is no reason not to be able to enjoy a little interior design!

After a pretty mad week I carved out some chill-out time this weekend and I found letting my creativity lead my hands to be a really peaceful way to ‘re-centre’…this time, it happened to take the form of upcycling and charity-shop shopping.

First then, upcycling! I found myself totally distracted from my shopping list in the supermarket yesterday by a very gorgeous white rose plant that just seemed to be calling out to me. How I know this for sure? It was only £2! There were lots of different beautiful colours, but I am going through a white phase (can you tell?) and I had to take this one home.

I was all out of pretty pots so set on a mission to find something that would work. My find? An old IKEA candle jar that was sitting in my recycling bin! I wonder what is lying around your house that you could have some fun with? I used my recently-acquired decoupage skills (yep, still loving it) to cover the jar with nice neutral silver and white wrapping paper; wrapped the original flower pot with a bit of polka dot fabric washi tape (left-over from a scrapbooking project last year) and topped it all off with a twine bow. The washi tape and twine live in my craft drawer (more on that later). I placed the plant in one of our tall bookshelves and voila!

diy 2

About my craft drawer then. Mum and dad were always brilliant at letting my sis and I express our creativity in lots of different ways, and a craft ‘area’ or ‘drawer’ or ‘corner’ has featured in every space I’ve lived in since I was tiny. I love a wee rummage through it when I fancy some therapy. It all came in handy after a recent trip to a few charity shops resulted in the purchase of a stunning wooden storage box. I used to be intimidated by charity shops: the slightly chaotic lay-outs and random collections of stuff put me off. To get over this (and I’m so glad I did!) I make myself a little mental list of things I am looking for – vases, lamps, frames, prints…and the help in staying focused makes me love charity shopping now! Do you have any charity shop-shopping tips?

Anyway, my little box came with an embroidered front panel which was cute but definitely not our style, so I took it apart, cleaned the surface and started over with some random craft materials, including washi tape and twine (again!), cardboard bunting, gems and cut-out butterflies from some old stationary (don’t throw things like that out in a hurry – they’ll always come in handy!) Here is the upcycled result…I think it’s pretty cute!diy 1What have you been working on recently? Any upcycling tips for me?

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