I’m going to try and keep up the monthly favourites posts to add a little variety and actual-person-ness to my blog. This month is a pretty house-heavy theme…

Because yep, I moved! Our friends used to live in a house Dan and I both fell in love with when we visited, and now we can’t believe it’s ours! Lots of quirky rustic features, a garden, high ceilings, wooden floorboards…

photo 3 (6)lots of these gorgeous windows letting in lots of gorgeous natural light…

photo 1 (11)

…it’s like a dream.

On that topic, this book was given to us as a housewarming gift from my cousin Wee Frizz and I have been devouring its pages full of wisdom and calming reassurance that maybe, just maybe, perfection is overrated. That motto really sums up Myquillyn Smith‘s philosophy and has allowed her to create unbelievably beautiful, welcoming and accessible features in the 13 houses she has lived in.


nesting book

I resonate with her desire to ‘nest’ – mine is profound and urgent: as soon as we had moved some of our boxes in, I had candles lit and was imagining cushion covers would look best with the walls and if my idea of fairylights in a cake stand would work (for the record, it did). I wonder sometimes if this has something to do with being a third culture kid: I only feel settled in a new place once I’ve made it my own by adding touches some might see as unnecessary, and I LOVE making somewhere feel ‘homely’ for others…I’ve had a keen interest in home decoration since I was younger and I remember mum kindly (perhaps rather riskily) letting me play an active role in making our house look nice when we had guests over. 


We had lots of help from our families over the weekend with so many different things – from carting sofas down the motorway to finding a home for the Country Rose china set we were generously given by someone we don’t even know – and we wouldn’t be all moved in and ready to go already without them. What a team!

What do you do to ‘nest’? What does ‘home’ mean to you? 

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