Hey, it’s ok if, two months before your wedding, you are…

Having nightmares about the big day. I dreamt last week I showed up in a black cocktail gown adorned with random sequins and poorly-placed feathers. The night after, I dreamt we had forgotten to book somewhere to stay after the wedding and hotel-crawled all night.

Questioning everything. Today I wondered if my bridesmaids’ colour scheme should be altered…like, to something totally different. And this is mirrored by my recent hair-identity-crisis. The plan was to be blonde, I now want to look like a Kardashian sister.

Saying ‘eek’ every time you think of your guest list. There are so many amazing people we’d love to have at the wedding, and just not enough room! To make it all work, we’re inviting everyone to the wedding ceremony (the most important part, after all!), having a meal with mainly family & the bridal party, and then inviting our friends to a fun-filled evening celebration.

Overdosing on decisions. I am not a fan of having to be decisive about everything – and at this stage of the preparations, a lot of little things have to be decided on! I’m keeping a list and working my way through that to make sure it all doesn’t get too much. And if there is a decision that seems a little unnecessary, we ask ourselves whether or not it will impact someone’s experience of the day. No? Hasta la vista, baby!

Feeling super excited. As the big day gets closer I am getting more and more excited about saying ‘I do!’ to my best friend (AND seeing how handsome he looks in his suit!) and celebrating that with my friends and family – some of whom I haven’t seen in a few years. One giant party with lots of lovely people to mark the first day in our next chapter…HURRY UP ALREADY!!!

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