I’m enjoying being a little more personal/a little less formal in some posts on here (mainly because of your response: I’ve been loving the chat!), and I thought it might be fun this month to write up a ‘favourites’ post. It’s a random mix, but it was fun to write. What have you been enjoying this month/summer?

My friend Leah has been chasing her dream for a loooot of years now, and they are FINALLY coming true. She released the first single from her upcoming album this weekend and it’s a good’un…it also features will.i.am. Wait…WHAT!??!

Netflix. I don’t know why I’m so late to the party. But I think it’s a genius idea. And the Katy Perry movie is on there. Some of the best things I’ve seen are documentaries… check out Brave Miss World and Hungry For Change.

That last one is a documentary on health and nutrition. I’ve found watching a few more and reading some material has been great in knowing how to restore my hormonal balance. I was worried, after coming off hormonal birth control, that it would be a difficult journey but it’s been really interesting and I feel great – I’ll probably post about it later in the year. For now, though, one thing I’m enjoying is the absence of my addiction to Diet Coke: having a good reason to quit really helped and I now down as much water as what a rose bush in the desert would order if it could talk.

Summer beauty products. Starting with the perfect orange nail polish (and it’s called Papaya…how could it not be amazing?!) which I am loving this month. I am also a huge fan of seasonal fragrances and the Body Shop allows indulgence that is ethical and also cheap: I picked this one up last year in the sale for £5 and each spritz this summer has brought me to a tropical island. And finally, Glamour’s July issue was accompanied by a free Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner which is INCREDIBLE for us Audrey Hepburn swoosh fans!

Amazon used books. Seriously. You can find almost every book you’d like to read for less than half the normal price. Some require a bit of a wait for delivery (it seems the US is better at collecting used books!) but totally worth it.

On that note, I read my first Henri Nouwen book this month (and started my second this week). My very inspiring aunt read a lot of his stuff and I’d always enjoyed reading him quoted in other writing, so I’m not sure why it took me so long. I am loving his thoughts and while I can’t review all of the books on my 2014 list, I will definitely write more about his works in a later post.

And finally, I have been enjoying SUMMER! We’ve had some amazing weather in NI this month and it really suits us…I think Northern Ireland is one of the most beautiful places in the world when the sun’s out. A few snaps…








And one more…summer = more family time which has been great! Visits to and from family we don’t get to see often, BBQs, time on the North Coast, and a lot of celebrating…yep, that guy in the back is my BROTHER-IN-LAW-TO-BE…and I get to be my MOH’s MOH! ❤20140729-122918.jpg

One thought on “JULY FAVOURITES

  1. I will take a look at the nutrition documentary. Thanks for the mention. So glad you have given up diet coke. Bad, bad, bad for bone density. The time to think about it is NOW and not when you are 50 (or 62) and ready for a bone density scan! Miss you and love keeping up with you on FB. Roxanne

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