One of my favourite things to do is watch/hear Dan play music. He’s one of those uber-talented musicians who can pick up anything and make it sound good. There’s something so lovely about watching people you love doing the things they love. (Wahhh, so much love in that last sentence.)


Anyway, he keeps things tight down in the bass department for local songwriter David C Clements who is one of my favourites. Clemo was invited back to Bushmills Live, a day-long festival in, you guessed it, Bushmills to play a full-band set. The guys did amazingly well and the festival is a lot of fun: a small audience, food and drink vouchers for everyone, a Retrosight photobooth (hi Amy!) and an impressive line-up of local and international bands against the back-drop of a working distillery just around the corner from the seaside! My highlights (we missed a few bands who played earlier in the day – I hear they were great, too!):

David C Clements’ new album is coming very soon…I can’t WAIT (what I have heard of the new stuff is STUNNING). You should probably follow him on Twitter so you know when it drops! The guys are also playing a show at The Empire in Belfast as part of the Open House Festival this Friday which, if you are reading this in Northern Ireland, you should absolutely go to. Overseas visitors also welcome, obvs.



  1. “There’s something so lovely about watching people you love doing the things they love.” – That’s quite lovely and lyrical! Maybe you should do some writing?

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