My favourite place in Belfast is a little, warm, underground, shiny-surfaced, haven of chocolate delight. Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, birthdays…I love to celebrate them at Co Couture. And one of my pals just proposed to his lovely (now) fiancee with a ring enclosed in a chocolate egg from here, too!


So it felt like Christmas when Co Couture owner Deirdre agreed to host an event for No More Traffik two weeks ago.

We gathered in the shop as she talked us through the steps from this…


to this…


to this.


Oh, and then to this…


THIS, my friends, is the most delicious chocolate you will ever taste. REAL hot chocolate that is always served with your choice of brownie, cookie, or other chocolate piece (that are all, in my experience, amazing)…oh, and homemade marshmallows, too.

Deirdre is so generous: she didn’t charge our guests a thing for any of this amazingness, and so donations went to NMT. And on a normal day, the hot chocolate/brownie or cookie/marshmallows combo will only knock you back £2.50. INSANE!

Deirdre talked about how farmers need to be paid a fair price, and how fine chocolate brands aim to do this. She uses Chocolat Madagascar in her shop.

Chocolat Madagascar is certified via Raisetrade. We would also recommend looking out for Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ Certified certification labels. The standards they have set are not perfect, and the way they try to meet them is not always satisfactory, but as we put pressure on companies to tighten up and be more transparent about certification (and that is something NMT is currently working on!) it is our job as consumers of chocolate who know that the industry is not always fair to send a message that we want our chocolate to be made by people who are treated and paid fairly, in communities that are receiving long-term investment for sustainable business, education and healthcare.

Bottom line is, though…you need to go to Co Couture. And bring your friends: let’s make Belfast a chocolate-lovin’, ethically-consumin’ city!


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