Today is the one year anniversary of the Rana Plaza tragedy during which 1,345 people died at a factory in Bangladesh where their safety and well-being was constantly ignored. The factory produced goods bought by many popular high-street retailers, and the pressure for the promotion of fair treatment and workers’ rights has continued since then.

Today, we are asking one simple question. Who made our clothes?

We need increased transparency. A number of retailers did not know some of their products went through Rana Plaza in their chain. THEY need to know, because WE need to know where our clothes are coming from: who is making them and how they are treated, all along the chain.

Retailers will only make efforts to chain-check if we ask them to.

And we need to be clear in what we are asking. We don’t want anyone to be forced into work, we want people to have access to healthcare and freedom of choice, and we want people to be paid fairly (although most high street retailers have signed up to pay a working wage for all their employees not one of them has actually made this happen.)

3 suggestions:

1. Today, send an email/tweet/Facebook message to the retailer you bought the clothes you are wearing from. I tweeted ASOS earlier today. I love my top, but I don’t love the fact that it may have been made by slaves, working in conditions I can’t even imagine.


2. You might also want to check out these AMAZING guys in Oxford.

3. And let’s keep targeting a specific area of the fashion industry: cotton production. Click here to find out how you can join the MakeFashionTraffikFree campaign.

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