Easter Weekend Snapshot

Hey blogosphere,

My blogging hasn’t been great in recent weeks – sorry! Things are crazy busy with 3 big projects at work so I’ve been focusing on them, but I have a few posts lined up for when things are a little calmer.

Til then, here’s a wee snapshot of the weekend. I’m trying to stick to my ‘listening to my life’ resolution for this year and I’ve really enjoyed doing it over the past few days. I think the fact that NI is AMAZING in the sunshine helps!

Friday, Dan and I went for a walk along the toe-path in Belfast and had brunch at Maryville House. So lovely. Over the weekend we celebrated 18 incredible months since our first date and 6 months until our wedding…I can’t wait!

Then my sister and I went to the parental home (I’m not big into disclosing personal locations on here!) and enjoyed several family traditions (like McDonald’s drive-throughs and doing each other’s nails, etc!) and the first BBQ of the year on Friday… aaand the second on Saturday. Dan’s family joined us for that one which also included an Easter egg hunt.

On Sunday, the Wilsons headed to the North Coast (where we used to live) and enjoyed a coastal walk and some beach time.

It was back to ‘normal’ life today but I was still off work I enjoyed some tanning time on our city rooftop space. Because it was such a gorgeous day though, my housemate and I decided we needed to spend the end of it by the sea and headed out to Holywood for a gorgeous sunset.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I feel refreshed and ready for a hectic month of pushing things forward at No More Traffik. Looking forward to sharing some of that with you on here, too!


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