Kiki, my lovely sister, is back from University for a few weeks. When we hang out we tend to try and solve global issues, paint our nails, reminisce, giggle a lot, talk about the future, shop and other things that sisters do. Yesterday when having a bit of a nostalgia session we remembered one of our favourite Swiss treats – “caracs”. Little green things we used to buy in Migros on special occasions. The last time we had them, I think, was in August 2009 before Kiki flew to Laos for a year; I was working in Geneva for the summer and Kiki met me there for a few days on her way East.

Here is a picture of Kiki devouring a carac in the sun…


…before we decided we should take another picture of our caracs…don’t mind the toothmarks.


Anyway, we had never thought about making these at home but it turns out they are as easy as pie (pun intended) to make and we so we can now relive our childhood when we want!

I recommend you try them, too…essentially, they are delicious ganache-filled tartlets.

You will need 100g of butter and 125g of double cream which you should then mix over low heat until the butter is melted. Then add in 200g of (certified!*) milk chocolate and 200g of (certified!*) dark chocolate. When the mixture is melted, pour into 12 little tartlet bases like these ones from M&S.

Refrigerate for 2 hours. Before the time is up, mix 120g of icing sugar with 3 tbsps of water and a little bit of green food colouring. When the 2 hours are over, top your caracs with the green icing, and then melt a little bit of dark chocolate and drop it into the centre of your carac. (I must confess: we were too excited yesterday to wait for all this cooling and hardening to happen, but we plan on it next time!)


*certified chocolate is chocolate that has not been made by slavery or trafficking victims. Look for the Fairtrade, UTZ or Rainforest Alliance certification labels.

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