Lads’ mag Nuts is set to close after seeing its sales plunge by a third since being pulled from Co-operative supermarket stores. Last year thousands of us called on shops to ‘lose the lads’ mags’ – and the Co-operative’s subsequent action is testament to what’s possible when we speak out together.

This is really good news. Thanks for being a part of the campaign!

Here’s a timeline of where we started and where we’ve got to (so far): There are still a few lads’ mags out there (despite dips in sales for them also), such as Zoo and Loaded. And then, there’s misogynistic, objectifying content online. We’d be naive to think lads’ mags are not being replaced by other things, so it’s important we keep our eyes on the ‘why’ of the issue. As we do this though, these victories are significant milestones and all contribute towards our main goal. Well done.

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