There are many, many great women in the world. This week (and especially tomorrow), we celebrate them. 

There are many, many great women in the blogosphere. I’d like to celebrate them, too. 

4 of my bloggin’ (and real life) faves:

1. Emma Wood

My housemate is recovering from an eating disorder. She is a beautiful and brave champion. She writes here

2. Mel Wiggins

My colleague and Rio-adventurer, Mel, writes about her ideals, but just as importantly, how she tries to live them out: preventing trafficking, raising a (very cute) 2 year-old, making her own cosmetics, and right now, the pursuit of the perfect pair of jeans. Enjoy.

3. Wee Frizz

My cousin is a wife, a mother, a teacher, and one of the best thinkers on here. Reading her blog will do your soul good. 

4. Pauline Wilson

My mum is my hero. She raised my sister and I to dream big, to dare, to care about people and big and little ideas – because that’s what she does. She gave us an example to follow as we grew into women, and she is still my role model. Why? Find out for yourself. She writes about mental health, life’s quiet moments, ageing, her favourite recipes and everything in between here. 

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