2014 Snapshot: London

I got to travel twice in January – 2014 is shaping up well!

This trip was part work, part leisure. I got to visit the Stop the Traffik offices to work on an exciting project (that will be announced soon) and to attend the first meeting of the STT UK steering group. A real privilege to be a part of the global and regional work of such an exciting organisation.

Dan was also in London, doing some work on his book, and we spent some time together exploring and just enjoying the city at the weekend.


Even in the rain, London is gorgeous! I got a kick out of staying in an area I didn’t know and having to navigate my way to meetings etc. (I did have issues with using the tube during ‘morning rush-hour’ – a particular leg of my journey saw me letting 2 trains go by before deciding I would need to be a little more pushy and just get on to the overpacked carriage if I wanted to get to the offices!) I also found myself with some unexpected free time between my two work days and really enjoyed wandering (yes, rather aimlessly) around a beautiful city full of diversity, rich in colour, smell and flavour.


Saturday was great: we enjoyed a long stroll along the South Bank, explored Covent Garden, had amazing Thai food with a lovely friend…AND we saw The Phantom of the Opera!


Textures of the trip. Spot the Krispy Kreme?

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