2014 snapshot: Edinburgh

Listening to my life better is one of my goals for 2014. Enjoying the moments that are big and small, savouring colours and scents and tastes, wondering at the world. I was lucky to get to travel a bit last year and didn’t really do any great chronicling (how funny is that word?) and so this year I will blog a few snapshots as I go.

My dad and sis paid for my mum and I to head to Edinburgh in January to visit said sis on said mum’s birthday. We had a blast.


Wilson women get very excited about iced tea.


Edinburgh is just stunning. We had seen the sights before, so the aim of the trip was just to enjoy each other’s company, which we did by coffee-shop hopping, adventuring into a teeny tiny delicious Indian restaurant, relaxing in big armchairs at a very nice cinema and doing some charity shop scavenging – all whilst enjoying Edinburgh’s gorgeousness.


And we spotted our first sign of spring when we were there!

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