Anti-Slavery Day: 4 days to go!

This Friday (18th October) is EU Anti-Slavery Day.

In the lead-up to this, I am guest-editing Threads. Every day, I will be sharing a different angle on human trafficking with contributions from ground-breaking organisations IJM and The A21 Campaign as well as world-changers like Natalie Collins from Spark. On Friday, we’ll be sharing 10 practical ways in which slavery can be brought to an end.

Let’s get started.

She was studying nursing, having moved to the UK from Romania. She was walking along the street in North London when a car stopped and two armed men threw her into it. She was brought to Luton Airport where she boarded a plane to Galway in Ireland. And then she was forced into sex slavery. She was 20.

She was subject to constant beatings, received almost no food or drink, and was forced to service men 15 to 20 times a day in an Irish brothel. She was then trafficked around Ireland and sexually exploited – under threat, and for the financial profit of others. Each week, she came across 10 to 15 other women in the same situation.

Anna* finally escaped in Belfast, with the help of a man she met in a brothel there. Once free, the trauma she had experienced led her to attempt to kill herself in Belfast Lough: β€œI wanted to go and never come back.”

Anna was a victim of human trafficking.

Read the rest of the post here.

One thought on “Anti-Slavery Day: 4 days to go!

  1. You did a wonderful job of editing and writing on ThreadsUK last week, Gemma. All the contributors were great – all women, I noticed. (Proverbs 31:29 seems an appropraite encouagement I hope) Quality material. As ever. πŸ™‚

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