Top Tips for Looking Good this Summer; or How to Avoid Looking Like Kate Moss.

Ladies, summer is well and truly upon us.

Time off, sunshine, trips to the beach, family get-togethers, BBQs, late-night chats in the garden, weddings, escaping to exotic locations – what’s not to love?

Naturally, you want to look fabulous…especially if there’s a special someone around.

Whether you are spending the summer in the UK heatwave or jetting off somewhere, you can (read: must) do more than wear bright colours and gradient aviators to look good this season.

Here are 3 top holiday tips:

1. Don’t sit down. We all know that sitting isn’t the most becoming of positions…and no one wants to look as fat as Kate Moss. Try standing or lying (knees up) instead. (Think of all the calories you’ll burn by constantly shifting!)

2. Wear night make-up. Let your pores breathe overnight? Who has time for that? Unless you want your bf to wake up and scream at the sight of Ugly Morning You, best to pick up some 3-day mascara and night-time foundation.

3. Pose like a pro. Fool everyone into thinking you have a great pair of legs (you don’t) by using your toes. When posing for a poolside pic, cross your legs, arch your foot and point your second biggest toe out. You’ve traded in your short stumps for long, luscious legs – ta-daa!

Have a great summer, girls – and remember, you’re just not quite good enough! xoxo

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