NO MORE TRAFFIK 2013: come take a spin with me!

No More Traffik 2013…already!? In just over a week, No More Traffik will launch its second campaign after a crazy year of awareness & advocacy somewhat unexpectedly birthed out of a week of twists & turns last May that looked a little like this (phew…is your head spinning yet!?) and that was kicked off by the first flashmob I was ever involved in (see below). You will notice that I am not wearing white high-tops à la Petey K – I think this is the reason I have not been able to participate in any flashmobs since then.

I’ll be taking some time on the blog to look over the past year and reflect on what has happened, but for now, a quick little whizz around some of the events in this year’s campaign…

no more traffik logo

On Tuesday a warm Brummie “how’s it going?” kicked off a high-tech chat between Ian and I; later joined by Jess who had pulled over by the side of the road on her way home from work and Alain who checked into Skype shortly after. The 4 of us had a great chat about the first NMT 2013 event happening on Saturday 11th May at CFC Belfast. If you would like to join us in praying for the week and for the abolition of human trafficking in NI, we’d love to see you there. Whilst NMT is not a Christian charity, some of our partners are and we welcome their participation. 24/7 will extend its role in the week by hosting a prayer room which will be open all week.

I haven’t met Patricia yet but she is already one of my favourite abolitionists: when researching for a different project, she discovered stories of human trafficking in NI and couldn’t turn away…and so she wrote a play on the issue. After a successful debut last year, the play is back with three showings in Portadown, Derry and Belfast. We won’t promise you a comfortable evening: in fact, we can’t. The shows deal with the difficult realities of what a life of slavery in NI is like. You will be disturbed. We hope. (Please note that you must be over 18 to attend.) Details here, tickets available online. Each show will be followed by a short question and answer session with a panel of 3 experts on HT in NI.

Patricia and her team of über-talented actors are sticking around for some more awareness-raising which I can only blog about post-event. I can say that it has never been done before, it is what has caused my inbox to absolutely explode this week and it will be life-changing for those who participate. Gah. Stay tuned.

Over the past year, the No More Traffik family has welcomed wonderful people who wanted to turn their knowledge of trafficking into something more than just a little phase. This isn’t something that is easy to work out, however…maybe because trafficking is such a complex problem, and so it requires a very complex solution involving lots of different people involved in lots of different ways. We got our heads together, though, and have narrowed participation in the abolition movement down to several categories – all of which will be addressed at our Trafficking Think Tank event at one of my favourite venues in Belfast, the MAC, on the evening of Thursday 16th. Spaces are limited and filling up fast for this free event which will involve some spectacular people who are abolishing slavery in many different spheres.

You will also want to come along to the very en vogue Dock Café in the Titanic quarter to hear stories of freedom from Africa and Asia on Wednesday 15th – organised by Ruth and Naomi who has been planning the event AND her wedding at the same time…what a hero!- and I hear there might be some Fairtrade chocolate keys to be eaten on Saturday 18th in an old schoolhouse in Holywood. The North Coast will also be hearing about trafficking through several events during the week. I shouldn’t let too many more secrets out of the bag: but do keep an eye on our events page in the next few days.

See you next week!

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