381789_10150345117261930_1560436952_n.jpegThere is something about taking a photograph, capturing a moment that flickers only briefly before passing the baton onto the next.

Or about about framing something beautiful to be savoured and allowed to inspire thought years after it has passed.

And there’s something about the fact that each photo is unique: it is the viewpoint of the person behind the lens, and this cannot be replicated exactly.

Spending time looking at what is wrong with the world can make me forget what is right with it. Beauty and light are sometimes easy to miss when gazing into the darkness for too long. I love the luxury of taking the camera out for a walk and spending time and focus only on enjoying beautiful things and immortalising the way they are at that very moment through my lens.

It is also something I am trying to be more disciplined with: both for my sanity’s sake, but also to improve my limited skills – and, truth be told, to escape the instagrammation of my life. You know what I mean.

So a few months ago, I started a little photo blog and will be posting on it more regularly now. Do you also seek to capture the beauty of every day life? How? I’d love to see!

For now, here we are:Β aneverydayglimpse.

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