A Story

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about story. It seems to be a bit of a buzz word in certain circles these days – and I guess that’s normal: we each have a story that we are living, we are drawn to the stories of others, we want to be part of a wider, bigger story…and sometimes the stories of others change our own.

The story that grabbed me and moved me and changed my life was that of Long Pross. Her story changed my life – it became a part of my story, and I want to be a part of changing hers and those whose stories are like it.


5 responses to “A Story

  1. At the bottom of the video was an Ad by Google: “Cute Girls across Russia–open the way to Russia Girls blonds, brunettes, and acres of fun. Russiagirlsdating.com
    I am dumbfounded that Google accepts this kind of ad and amazed that it would appear in this video!

  2. Hi Gemma, I posted a reply and can’t see it, so here it is again–hope this works this time.
    I was amazed and dumbfounded to see at the bottom of the video clip an advert by Google for: CUTE GIRLS ACROSS RUSSIA: Open the way to Russia Girls, blond, brunettes, and acres of fun. RussiaGirlsDating.com Can’t Google control this better?

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