No More Traffik On Our Streets: a few of my favourite things.

I was absent from this blog for a while earlier this month, due to the most exciting week of the year so far occurring two weeks ago: No More Traffik On Our Streets ACTUALLY happened. 20 events over 9 days (OK, so over a week) collaboratively hosted by 30+ partnering organisations. Amazing. A video summarising the week was just released today…take a look.

There were so many highlights to the week. I’ve picked 3.

// Ordinary people doing extraordinary things. No More Traffik demonstrated the fact that normal, every day people get to be involved in some pretty abnormal, unusual, extraordinary things. It was a privilege to be one of those people and watch others enjoy the ride as well.

// The unity that proved to be a theme throughout the campaign was reflective of the fact that humans join together in cases of injustice. “Humans should not be bought and sold”: human trafficking is perhaps the only issue on which all parties of the Assembly agree. Likewise, the partners involved in No More Traffik joined together, bringing different things to the table, leaving behind any territorialism or ‘preciousness’ and lending themselves entirely to the cause. It gave me goosebumps.

// This was No More Traffik’s first year. It started off as a small dream and was catapulted into fairly huge proportions fairly quickly. It is still gaining momentum. My prayer for its first year was that those involved in the team, to whatever degree that might have been, would grow in their conviction and commitment, that their passion would fan into a brighter, stronger flame. It was an honour to watch this happen within many of the partners…formal bodies, individuals, involved in hosting events, writing for the website, serving coffee, and everything in between. I think this was my favourite part of NMT. Glimpsing passion bursting into song.

NMT doesn’t end with the end of the month of May. Keep in the loop via the website, liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter.

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