Sex Trafficking in NI: Addressing the Demand.

Without demand, there would be no supply.

From Evangelical Alliance NI:

We’ve launched a campaign calling on the NI Executive to change the law so that someone convicted of using a trafficked woman for sex faces prison and having their name added to the sex-offenders register. At the moment the maximum penalty they face is a £1,000 fine.

We believe that it is essential to tackle the demand that drives the supply of trafficked victims. We are not calling for brand new legislation, the law is already in place and this is already a strict liability offence, however the penalty is merely an insult to victims. A £1,000 fine is no deterrent. It sends out completely the wrong message to men who are using or are tempted to use trafficked women. We want to change public perception with a strong clear message that it’s wrong to use trafficked victims for sex.

How about on this occasion Northern Ireland leads the way in tackling the demand for sexual slavery? Will you join us…?

Add your voice and sign the petition here.

(Photo from Vimeo still shot.)

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