She Smiles (A Story of Hope)

“Christine {Caine} sent me this “smile” today. She also posted it as many of you may have seen. For years I taught on Proverbs 31 and framed so much around SHE SMILES AT THE FUTURE. Always conscious that as women realized their worth, potential and calling that regardless of circumstance they could and would RISE UP and engage the future with hope and a smile. It’s foundational to the sisterhood story. But a few years ago (in Kiev) I met personally our first rescued victim of human trafficking. She was beautiful and the first thing she said in broken english when we met was, “I can smile again”. She told us that her dreams for her life were again alive and for this SHE COULDN’T STOP SMILING. For me it was like God revealed another layer in this miraculous Sisterhood story… When we started 18 years ago in and around Proverbs 31 I never dreamt that within the mandate were trafficked and abused girs, girls who had their dignity, hope, value and smile stolen. I never knew we would play a part in returning their smiles. This “smile in the photo” belongs to a girl whose teeth were smashed during her captivity. Restored through the faithfulness of those faithfully partnering with The A21 Campaign and the BE HER FREEDOM partners of the Sisterhood. This beautiful new smile says “there is a God in heaven who believes in you & a company of others…” Bobbie Houston

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