On the glamorisation of prostitution.

“…the vast majority of women involved are experiencing some form of coercion. {…} “Prostitution is, for the vast majority, a survival tactic. It is not something they would be doing if they felt they had any other choices. {…} “There is a risk in glamorising something that really involves a lot of organised criminality. Women face the daily risk of being attacked, beaten, sexually assaulted, and there is a very significant impact on women’s emotional well-being in terms of having to sell your body again and again to strangers,” Sarah Benson, CEO Ruhama.

“This is not Pretty Woman. {…} “This is rape for profit.” David McIlveen, DUP on sex trafficking in NI.

All parties are not having fun.

Read the accounts of two former prostitutes here (US) and here (Ireland).

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