The NI Assembly Addresses Human Trafficking

Earlier today, Jennifer McCann, Caitríona Ruane and Sue Ramsey raised a debate in the Assembly on human trafficking.

The motion was:

“That this Assembly expresses concern at the increase in human trafficking where people are brought in illegally and forced into a life of sexual exploitation, forced labour or domestic servitude; or are transported onward to other jurisdictions for similar purposes; and calls on the Executive to use all its powers to raise public awareness of this crime to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice, and that victims are given the support and help they need.”

The motion was passed unanimously and two new trafficking offenses are currently being brought forward, which Justice Minister David Ford elaborates on here.

Human trafficking…

“Modern day slavery that generates profits from human suffering and represents a vulgar abuse of the fundamental human right of freedom.” Anna Lo of the Alliance party.

Minutes from the debate here. The rest of the BBC’s coverage of the debate here.

My overview of human trafficking in NI here.

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