Media and mission

“When we have such powerful tools at our disposal, making it possible for us to broadcast our every thought and whim to the world with such ease, the key to using media in our mission may lie as much in our restraint as in our creativity.”
Jonathan Martin

One thought on “Media and mission

  1. yes, Gemma – i know exactly what you mean; i just read something on a blog that scared the bjeebies out of me – it has been a long time since i read any “new age” rhetoric but this astounded me:
    The success of you, eliminating haters, and other unconventional rules of life:
    “Define success as you see fit. You don’t have to define success according to how others do. For me, I want to feel fulfilled, I want to eliminate unhappiness in my life, and I want to experience ease, flow, purpose and progress every day. That’s it. How do you define success?

    Eliminate haters. If someone is hating or bringing me down, I immediately cut them out of my life. If someone lifts me up and makes me feel alive, I bring them closer. But I never, ever, get close to those who bring me down. I cut them, wish them well, and carry on. I rarely, if ever, provide an explanation. Explaining is draining. (I went through a period where I was obsessed with explaining and trying to help people understand where I was coming from. I thought it was the good and honest thing to do. In the end, this exhausted me and them.) Letting go and moving on is one of the most important rules I’ve implemented in my life.”
    God help us – it is the spirit of the anti-Christ… 😦

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