Freedom Resolutions

She lives in cage. I live in a house. She gets no sleep. I slept in today. She is drugged. I choose what I put in my body. She is made to wear clothes that degrade her. I shop on the high street. She has no choice. I choose daily. She is enslaved. I am free.

This doesn’t make sense. Let’s begin to bridge the gap. For the 31 days of January, give something up – a daily coffee or chocolate bar, eating out for the month, clothes shopping, buying magazines, etc…(be creative!) and donate the money you have saved to International Justice Mission (, a fantastic organisation that works worldwide to free slaves. We have 40 people signed up through the Belfast Abolition Collective already: will you join us?

Last year, we held a ‘Countdown to Christmas’ during which people gave things up and gave the money they saved to Love146. Some of us extended it to a 4 month period which taught us so much. It was eye-opening to see how we spend money on useless things; as well as to see how they become part of the furniture of our luxurious lives. For me, it was a shocking wake-up call about how unjust it is that my life is so cushioned in luxury, so ‘easy’, so free when those of others are so very far from it. Whilst ‘resolutions’ like these are not the sole solution to problems like slavery, they are useful in raising funds for organisations fighting to restore value to the lives of our fellow human beings – and dare I say it, they are beneficial to us, too.

Do join us. New Year’s resolutions are hard to keep: this is for 30 days, and is for a fantastic cause. If you are joining us sometime through the month of January, you are very welcome. If you can even give a week, do it!

At the end of the month, click here to donate the money you save to IJM.

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